Insulated Wire Ferrules

When a stranded wire is inserted into a terminal block and then clamped down, this can cause strain to the wire. It can also damage the stranded wire if you need to remove it from the terminal block to move to another position. Wire ferrules are crimped onto a stranded wire, protecting the fine strands from fraying, and then inserted into the terminal compartment. Ferrules are also useful because they allow for repeated insertion/removal and an elimination of the amount of stray wire strands. Insulated ferrules offer a larger guide for inserting the wire strands into the ferrules and may help assure a minimum bend radius is held in tight spots. The insulation is color coded for easier verification of gauge size. Del City stocks insulated and non-insulated wire ferrules in a variety of gauges and pin lengths. When selecting a crimping tool, the shape of the crimp in the biggest difference you will see in the crimp. If you know the shape of the terminal compartment in the block, you can use a tool that will create the best shape crimp for your needs. Del City currently offers wire ferrule crimping tools and die sets to meet your crimping needs.

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