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Amphenol AT Series Connector Receptacles (DEUTSCH Compatible)

The Amphenol AT Series receptacle housings make up the other half of the complete AT Series system connection. The receptacles are made from a thermoplastic material that is durable and UV resistant. Each receptacle also includes a silicone elastomer wire seal that helps prevent any possible environmental ingress. The AT Series receptacle housings are available in either a standard style receptacle or a strain relief receptacle. The standard housings can mate with our standard harsh environment AT Series plug housings or the LED housings. The strain relief receptacles are the exact match for our strain relief AT Series plug housing. A complete receptacle housing assembly is required for AT Series connection. To complete the receptacle assembly, you will need: one (1) receptacle housing, one (1) receptacle wedge, and the appropriate number of pin contacts for your plugs configuration. Complete your connection with a high quality and durable AT Series receptacle assembly.

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