Batteries, Battery Cable, Battery Connectors & Accessories

Del City is your go-to for all things battery. Carrying batteries, battery cables, battery cable connectors & battery accessories, Del City has you covered. We now offer RELiON® batteries ranging in 12V-48V options. In order to be reliable and secure, Del City is sure to offer various battery cable wire, battery terminal connectors, and more for the whole package. The battery cables and battery accessories below are used frequently in 12V vehicles and applications. The battery terminal connectors available include battery lugs, terminals, Anderson SB Connectors, Anderson Powerpole Connectors, booster clamps, and more. The battery connectors for battery cable wire are offered in styles such as copper, pure copper, lead, lead-free, brass, fusion, compression, and gold styles. All battery terminal connectors are offered in a variety of sizes. For your install to be complete, you need high quality battery cable and battery assemblies. The battery cable wire is a soft-drawn stranded cable, providing durability and ease of use. The SGT battery cable and SGX battery cable are offered in a variety of spool sizes and wire colors. Bulk battery cable wire spools are available for large products while the smaller sized spools fit other everyday applications. Del City also provided pre-assembled battery assemblies for a quick and easy install. Tools, maintainers, chargers, and cleaning supplies are products included in battery accessories that keep your battery cable connectors strong. Del City’s line of batteries, battery cable wire, battery terminal connectors, and battery accessories are sure to get the job done.

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