Battery Cable, Battery Connectors & Accessories

Del City offers an extensive line of battery cable, battery connectors, and battery accessories that is designed and selected to meet the needs of your application while providing a healthy and reliable connection. Shop our selection of high quality, professional grade battery supplies to help ensure your application is properly connected and maintained. The battery accessories line below features items commonly used in 12V vehicles and applications.

The selection of battery cable connectors below includes battery lugs, terminals, SB/SY connectors, booster clamps, and more. The battery cable connector lug options includes standard copper, tinned copper, heavy-duty, fusion, copper compression, and anti-rotational styles in a variety of sizes. While the battery terminal line includes copper, fusion, lead, brass, compression nut, lead-free, and gold styles in a variety of sizes. No install is complete without high quality battery cables and assemblies. The battery cable is fully-annealed, soft-drawn copper stranded cable for reliable durability and ease of use. A variety of spool lengths and gauge sizes are offered to meet the needs of any application, big or small. The battery cables sizing options includes bulk spools for larger jobs, convenient small and medium-sized spools for every day projects, and pre-assembled battery cables for easy and quick installation. Keep your battery connections dependable with our selection of cleaning supplies and tools, along with battery chargers and maintainers. Del City’s line of battery cables, battery connectors, and accessories will help create a reliable application with a long-lasting battery life.

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