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Extreme Temperature Booster Cables - Clamp to Clamp

Extreme Temp Booster Cables are manufactured with Arctic Superflex Blue cable for unmatched performance and durability. These jumper cables are ideal for auto, fleet, or service applications and are proven in the most extreme environments. Even in sub-zero weather, the extreme temp booster cables still provide a high performance while remaining flexible. The cables are fitted with solid copper, continuous duty 400 or 800 amp clamps with heat shrink applied at six point connections for additional protection. Strain relief, corrosion resistance, and easy handling make these Extreme Temp Booster Cables the ideal choice for extreme environment situations.

  • Features Arctic Superflex Blue double conductor cable.
  • Fitted with continuous duty, solid copper clamps: 4 Ga - 400 Amps, 1/0 Ga - 800 Amps.
  • Temperature Rating: 55°C to 105°C (-67°F to 221°F)
  • Extruded polarity stripe for safety identification.
  • Resistant to abrasion, oil, gasoline, sale water, acid, and chemicals.
  • UL/CSA listed or recognized components and processes.
  • Storage bag included
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5380 Extreme Temp Booster Cable - 4 Ga, 400 Amp, 16-ft (1 MIN) 165.31 1 EA
5382 Extreme Temp Booster Cable - 4 Ga, 400 Amp, 20-ft (1 MIN) 187.35 1 EA
5384 Extreme Temp Booster Cable - 1/0 Ga, 800 Amp, 25-ft (1 MIN) 385.73 1 EA