Bullet Connectors

Bullet connectors, also referred to as bullet terminals, are round female and male pole-type connectors that mate with each other to connect or disconnect a wired connection. The round male terminal is specifically designed to connect with a hollow bodied female bullet connector of the same size. Connecting a male and female bullet connector creates a secure and high quality connection. The terminals within a bullet connector are manufactured of pure electrolytic copper that is properly tempered, resulting in a fused connection when crimped. This fused connection gives the bullet connector maximum strength and conductivity. Additionally, the bullet connectors' terminals are all electro bright tin plated for maximum corrosion prevention. Each bullet connector offered at Del City is designed with varying characteristics which provide a unique set of benefits depending on the application the bullet connector is used in. Some additional specs of these connectors include terminal size, gauge size, and insulation type. The size of a bullet connector ranges from 0.156 inch to 0.180 inch and gauge sizes range from 16-14 gauge to 22-18 gauge. The insulation types available include heat shrink, vinyl-insulated, and nylon-insulated. The heat shrink insulation fully seals the terminal and is the most durable insulation type for connectors. The seal will protect the bullet connector against corrosion and water damage and gives the bullet connector greater strength when compared to vinyl or nylon connectors. Nylon bullet connectors are available in a standard style or with a brass sleeve and can be either fully insulated or partially insulated. Finally, vinyl insulated bullet connectors contain a simple PVC sleeve, making them the most economical bullet connector option. Find the best connection for your automotive, motorcycle, marine, industrial, or general electrical project with Del City's vast selection of high quality bullet connectors.

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