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Battery Cable Crimping Tools

Crimping is a simple technique used to compress a lug and battery cable in a secure, quick, and easy to learn manner. To make the process even easier, Del City offers a wide variety of battery cable crimper tools. Each cable crimper is unique and provides different features, crimp types, and gauge sizes to meet the needs and demands of the project or application. With varying handle lengths, die cast compatibility, and crimp styles, finding the correct battery cable crimping tool for your project is simple.

The first three of our battery cable crimper tools have a final v-crimp style for the completed connection on the battery lug or terminal. V-crimps are typically used in open-barrel crimp situations such as those commonly found in automotive and industrial applications. The first v-crimp option is our heavy-duty terminal cable crimper. This tool contains 3 self-stored crimp dies for easy interchanging. Simply rotate the dies on the heavy-duty battery cable crimping tool to crimp between 6 and 4/0 gauges and a 14" handle for extra leverage. Next, the universal heavy-duty crimp tool has an adjustable head for different gauge sizes. This tool will also crimp between 6 and 4/0 gauges, but it features a 20" handle to provide added leverage making larger gauge crimps easier. The heavy-duty hammer cable crimper is a different style than the hand tools. This style works by locking the terminal/lug and cable into place and then using a few hammer strikes to complete the crimp. The hammer battery cable crimping tool provides a final v-crimp for 8 to 4/0 gauge wire and cable. The 3-point battery cable crimper tool looks similar to the hammer crimper with a compact body that is ideal for confined or constricted spaces, however, the tool functions differently. There is no need for a hammer, simply ratchet the moveable head down, and the cable crimper will apply the crimp. The junior heavy-duty battery cable crimping tool is a hand tool with self-contained crimp dies to rotate out interchangeably as needed. At 15" long, the compact design allows for easy storage and handling. The junior cable crimper provides a hex-crimp for 8 to 1/0 gauge cables. Finally, the heavy-duty hex battery cable crimper provides equal pressure on six sides of the terminal or lug and is intended for 6 to 4/0 gauge wire or cable. The hex cable crimper features rotating dies and 20" handles for more leverage with larger gauges. With all of the options available, getting the right and secure crimp style for your needs is easy and affordable. Simplify your projects and save time with a professional grade battery cable crimping tool from Del City.

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