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Amphenol ATP Series Connectors (Deutsch Compatible)

The Amphenol ATP Series connector system is designed to be a high-performance, cost-effective option for use within the marine, heavy equipment, agricultural, automotive, and alternative energy fields. The connectors are ideal for use in any demanding interconnect type applications. The ATP Series assemblies are available in 2-way or 4-way configurations to meet the needs of your application. The connectors contain superior environmental seals for high-quality seal retention capabilities. ATP Series assemblies are designed for use with 10-14 gauge wires and size 12 contacts for handling up to 25 amps. To complete an ATP Series assembly, you will need: one (1) plug housing, one (1) receptacle housing, one (1) plug wedge, one (1) receptacle wedge, and the appropriate number of socket and pin contacts required for your configuration. The ATP Series connectors are compatible with the Deutsch DTP assembly.

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