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F360 Fully Enclosed Braided Sleeving - 1/2"-1"

This fully enclosed braided sleeving features a circular shape that is lightweight, but still very strong. The design is ideal for applications where a harness needs more security, stability, or tamper resistance than a standard self-closing sleeve can provide. Also, inserting your wire remains easy because of the sleeve's ridged design. The product creates a finished bundle that maintains its shape, bends to a tight radius without distorting, and remains flexible.

  • Is soft and quiet in high vibration environments.
  • Cut and abrasion resistant.
  • Chemically inert.
  • Halogen free.
  • Cuts cleanly with a hot knife.
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37854 F360, (F360.50BK) Non Split Braided Sleeving, 1/2" (75ft MIN)
0.68600 I 0.56 I 0.53200
75 FT
37855 F360, (F360.75BK) Non Split Braided Sleeving, 3/4" (50ft MIN)
0.84320 I 0.69 I 0.65550
50 FT
37856 F360, (F3601.00BK) Non Split Braided Sleeving, 1" (50ft MIN)
0.97010 I 0.79 I 0.75050
50 FT