High Temperature Wire Protection

Fiberglass high temperature wire protection loom is fiberglass braided, jacketed, or woven to provide extra resistance in high-temp environments. The different materials can be resistant to temperatures up to 1200°F - 1400°F. High-temperature braided fiberglass sleeving is a heavy-weight sleeving coated with a resin material to deflect or encapsulate hot temperatures and prevent them from damaging sensitive wires, harnesses, or hoses. The tru-fit fiberglass loom is a braided fiberglass sleeving that has been heat treated and infused with an acrylic binder to reduce fraying, dusting and to improve usability and performance. Silicone jacketed high-temp sleeving is the choice of professionals in racing and other industries where protection from constant high temperatures is mandatory. The non-permeable, heavy silicone coating is flexible enough to follow tight curves while protecting from damage caused be extreme heat, open flame, molten splash, and welding sparks. Aluminized fiberglass high-temp tubing creates a thermal buffer between your wires, hoses, or cables and the high-temp environment surrounding them and provides superior protection form radiant heat by reflecting it away. This same protection is also offered in a wrap variety with our aluminized fiberglass high-temp wrap sleeve. High-temp spark plug boot sleeves offer the same protection as our standard fiberglass loom in an easy slip-on sleeve that will extend the life of expensive spark plug wires by providing protection where they need it most, at the boot. The high-temp wrap is commonly used for automotive and high-performance headers and exhausts due to its woven fiberglass yarns and vermiculite coating. Our wide variety of high temperature wire protection is ideal for applications that are constantly in high heat environments such as under-hood of vehicles, racecars, or emergency vehicles.

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