Fuse Pullers

Fuse puller tools provide an easy solution for extracting a blown fuse from a fuse block or fuse panel. Del City offers a variety of fuse pullers that are specifically designed for extracting particular types of fuses. Each fuse puller is designed with a flexible, hard plastic for easy handling when extracting and examining the fuses. Pullers are available for AGC & ATO/ATC®, MAXI®, MINI®, and JCASE® fuses. A MINI® and ATO/ATC® fuse puller is available that also includes a built-in fuse tester. This tester makes it easy to quickly test and identify the blown fuse in your circuit application and then easily remove it for replacement. Simplify the process of inspecting, removing, and replacing your fuses within fuse circuit applications with an easy to use fuse puller.