Fuse Holder & Fuse Circuit Taps

Fuse holders provide a secure circuit connection for electrical applications. A fuse holder or fuse circuit tap can be used in various electrical applications, but are commonly found in domestic and imported vehicles. Each fuse holder offered by Del City presents a set of different characteristics, largely based on fuse style. Fuse holder products are available for ATC/ATO® fuse setups, MEGA®, MAXI®, MIDI®, AGC, JCASE®, and ANL fuse styles. Fuse circuit taps products are available for ATC/ATO®, MINI®, MINI® Low Profile, MICRO2® and MICRO3® fuse styles. In addition to fuse type varieties, fuse holders are available in different amperage ratings, styles, gauge sizes, and illuminations. Styles include panel mount, surface mount, low profile, and inline fuse holders. Inline fuse holders are available in ATC & ATO®, MINI®, AGC, MAXI®, and JCASE®. Along with these fuse holder options, we also carry a marine rated fuse holders by Blue Sea Systems. Lastly, there are different illumination options available with our fuse holders. A few of the fuse holder selections, including Maxi and Mini, have a LED warning light that illuminates when a fuse has blown to provide simple and efficient outage diagnosis. Other fuse holders, like ATC/ATO® and MINI®, contain indicator light options that have a clear, fully-protecting shell that allows for easy identification of a blown indicator fuse. Some of the fuse holders offered below also come with accessories like covers, but individual fuses for each of the setups are sold separately. The wide variety of fuse holder and fuse adapter options at Del City ensures the accommodation and protection of standard, unique, and custom application installs.

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