Fuses & Fuse Tap Products

Del City offers a variety of automotive fuses and fuse tap products for a reliable and cost-effective solution to protect equipment and electrical applications from circuit blows. Typically, fuses are an ideal alternative to circuit breakers because of their small size and ability to protect multiple circuits within a small space. Del City offers a broad range of automotive fuses and fuse tap styles that can be used in a variety of electrical applications (subject to ratings). Automotive fuses and fuse taps are not designed just for use in automotive applications but can also be the ideal fuse choice for marine, recreational, or fleet vehicles. The Del City fuse selection below includes four different types of automotive fuses: blade, cartridge, glass, and bolt-on. Blade automotive fuses and fuse taps are split between six different series, including MEGA®, MAXI®, ATC/ATO®, MINI®, MICRO2®, and MICRO3®. Cartridge automotive fuses are available in five different series: FLS, FLF, FLB, JCASE®, and MCASE®. The glass fuse and fuse tap style has a single series called AGC. Lastly, the bolt-on automotive fuses are offered in either MEGA® or MIDI®. Some of the series and styles are also available with indicator lights, low profile options, or inline styles. All the different types of automotive fuses and fuse tap styles and series available are designed to fit a wide range of vehicle models from older, classic cars to your modern, new vehicle designs.

In order to easily complete the electrical connection of select fuse installations, a fuse tap is needed. Fuse taps connect the power leads to the fuse to create a secure electrical connection. Fuse taps are available in the following styles: ATC/ATO® fuse taps, MINI® fuse taps, and AGC series fuse taps. In addition to our fuse tap offerings; there are a variety of other fuse accessories available, including fuse holders, blocks, panels, pullers, and kits. With such a vast selection of fuse, fuse tap, and other fuse accessory options available, Del City is a great direct source for your fuse needs.

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