Fuses & Fuse Accessories

Fuses are a type of resistor with the main purpose of providing overcurrent protection in various different electrical applications. Electrical fuses and the compatible accessories such as holders, blocks, and panels designed to meet circuit protection requirements in electric and vehicle applications. All car fuses, holders, and other electrical fuse accessories are available in a range of different sizes and characteristics. Electrical fuses have sizes ranging from full-sized to miniature, the largest sized electrical fuse type being the MAXI® and the smallest type being the MICRO2®. Other characteristics include amperage rating, and types of fuses. For electrical fuses, there are three types of fuses available: blade, cartridge and glass. Blade type consists of MEGA®, MIDI®, MAXI®, ATC/ATO®, MINI®, MICRO2® and MICRO3® fuses. Cartridge type consists of FLS, FLF, FLB, JCASE® and MCASE® fuses. Glass fuses are offered include AGC type. It may be necessary to remove fuses when one is blown. To easily identify which of your car fuses is blown, try one of our indicator fuses. These indicator fuses come in various styles to fit your application, and fuses will light when blown. Not only are car fuses offered, but marine fuses and accessories are available as well.

Not only are electrical fuses available, but accessories for various types of fuses can be found at Del City as well. The accessories offered include fuse blocks, panels, and holders offerings to fit each of the car fuses and some of the marine fuses. To assist with removing fuses, there are pullers for the various types of electrical fuses offered. Electrical fuse accessories and kits are also available to complete your circuit protection design. Kits of automotive fuses are offered in 5 different pre-filled sizes making them ideal for replenishing inventory of fuses, or for making sure you have the fuses you need on hand when working on big or multiple projects. The extensive product line of fuses below ensures the demands of various electrical and vehicle applications are met.

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