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Guest On-Board Battery Chargers

Guest battery chargers, maintainers, battery switches and dynaplates are designed and built to stand up to today's punishing marine environment. Materials are selected to provide toughness and durability over a long product lifespan. The products are engineered to precise performance specifications and the quality systems in place ensure each product meets these specifications. Guest’s newest generation of On-Board battery chargers includes leading advancements in digital charging technology and waterproof design/construction. Designed to maximize individual battery performance, extend battery life and show battery status better than ever before. Every Guest On-Board charger has dedicated outputs that deliver the full amount of amps per bank. The easy to read graphics indicates the status of each battery bank through the charge process. Check out the new line of Guest chargers, which range from 5 to 40 amps, 1 to 4 battery and are designed to charge 12V flooded lead acid and AGM batteries here at Del City.

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