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Heat Shrink, Multi-Stud Ring Terminals

Heat shrink, multi-stud ring terminals are used to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire, while allowing for it to connect to a screw or stud type electrical connection. The oblong terminal design allows the ring to fit varying sized studs, while the nut secures the terminals in place. Multi-stud ring terminals are popular in many auto and marine vehicles, but can used in various other electrical applications.

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958105 NSPA KS116-MS, Heat Shrink & Crimp Multi-Stud Ring Terminal, Red, 22-18 Ga (10 MIN)
0.82 8.20 I 0.63900 6.39 I 0.42700 4.27
10 EA
959105 NSPA KS114-MS, Heat Shrink & Crimp Multi-Stud Ring Terminal, Blue, 16-14 Ga (10 MIN)
0.82600 8.26 I 0.65300 6.53 I 0.43400 4.34
10 EA
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