Electrical Junction Blocks

A junction block is a beneficial asset to a wide variety of electrical applications. Performing best in heavy-duty connections, an electrical junction block gives you extra power. This allows the creation of a common source to join positive and negative connections that heavy-duty. Del City offers 41 junction block options to fit the needs of your specific junction block application.

The simplest form a junction block is a surface mount. This includes both standalone and stud-type blocks. The stud-type junction blocks are available in 1 or 2 stud configurations. For a much larger application, an 8-point configuration is available with 8 connection screws. A feed-through junction block is also available. This is designed in 3/8” to #10 stud sizes for easy distribution in a panel install. Blue Sea Systems provides marine specific blocks available in 8-point and insulated dual block options. Cole Hersee provides feeder studs, which bring power through bulkheads or firewalls and feature an impact-resistant plastic insulator/mounting bushing. Blue Sea Systems also offers PowerPost Cable Connectors and Terminal Feed Connectors. The PowerPost Cable Connectors insulated stainless steel studs terminate multiple large conductors. The Terminal Feed Connectors provide strain relief when passing high current through hulls, decks and bulkheads. Choose a junction block from Del City to connect, protect, and complete your electrical distribution system.

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