Junction Block Products & Accessories

An electrical junction block, also known as distribution block, provides a common area to join heavy-duty positive or negative connections within a vehicle. A junction block can be used in a wide variety of automotive, marine, and industrial applications. Stud-type, stand-alone blocks are designed for surface mounting. With their small footprints, the stud-type junction block is ideal for tight spaces and will easily terminate multiple conductors to a single point for easy access. A feed-through panel mount junction block allows power to be transferred from one compartment to another, making it an ideal automotive junction block for engine compartments or panels. Terminal feed-through connector protect cables from chafing and provide strain relief when cables are passed through the panel holes. We also offer a selection of Blue Sea Systems PowerPost Cable Connector blocks designed for high amperage conductions. With tin plated buses, the Blue Sea Systems junction blocks protect against corrosion and provide maximum conductivity. The PowerPost blocks enable the connection of smaller wires in spaces were a tradition bus bar may not fit. They also allow small wire connections at high amperage cable connections, available in both 8 point and dual setups. Connect, protect, and complete your connection with a marine, industrial, or automotive junction block from Del City.

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