Power Distribution Block - Automotive, Marine and Industrial

An automotive power distribution block provides a convenient common area to join heavy-duty positive or negative, AC or DC connections. These connections then distribute power from a single larger source wire to multiple smaller accessory load wires. Distribution blocks may be configured with one input to multiple outputs, or with multiple inputs to multiple outputs. Additionally, distribution blocks may also be used in reverse to combine grounds. DC rated stud type and AC rated block type configurations are available in the Del City power distribution block offering. Each offering below is easy to mount, and has either a 1-pole connection or a 2-pole connection. While these options are commonly used as an automotive power distribution block, there are also available options for marine and industrial applications where power distribution is required. When choosing your automotive power distribution block, or marine or industrial block option, the stud size referenced refers to the diameter of the threaded metal pole that sticks up out of the surface of the block. When referencing the screw size of an automotive power distribution block, or another distribution block, refer to the diameter of the threaded part of the screw. Studs or screws may be listed in a number size (i.e. #4, #8), an actual dimension (i.e. 1/4", 3/8"), or in Metric sizes (i.e. M6, M10; M = mm in diameter). With a variety of configurations and sizes, Del City can offer a distribution block for your automotive, marine, or industrial application.

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