Discover a diverse selection of battery switches at Del City, featuring top brands like Blue Sea Systems, Cole Hersee and Pollak. Solenoids carry a current that, when energized, creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field produces a high force and current source of power for activating devices used in electrical applications and vehicles, such as automotive and industrial. Using a solenoid switch is ideal for activating high amperage devices where a relay will not be able to carry the current required. High amperage devices which may require a solenoid switch can include a vehicle's starter, a winch, a snow plow or other heavy electric motors. The primary advantage of a solenoid switch is they require a low input while generating a larger output. The solenoids offered below carries a different set of characteristics, such as different voltage rating, different amperage rating, and different actuations. While 12V solenoid options are most common at Del City, 12 volt solenoid and 24 volt solenoid choices are available in the Del City offering to accommodate different applications. Also important to note is the array of duty cycles available, including continuous and intermittent, which come insulated or grounded. Intermittent solenoids will only be ON for short periods of time, allowing them to handle extremely high current for the short duration. Continuous solenoids can stay on for long periods of time, but can handle lower current levels due to the heat that they endure over the long ON times. Most of the solenoid switch options below have a bare metal body material, but there are solenoids with a specialized weather resistant coating for added protection against outside elements. The wide variety of solenoids available with unique and specific characteristics including material construction and duty cycles ensure the demands of various electrical and vehicle applications are met when a solenoid switch is used.

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