Del City offers a variety of 12V relay and 24V relay options. An electrical relay is a power distribution product that enables interconnection and circuit routing. Our standard change over relays is a great option for your automotive relay needs. Change over automotive relay switches the current from one user to another and are ideal for use in fan, horn, or window type settings. The change over 12V relay and 24V relays can be used in applications or vehicles that require change over, normally open, or normally closed relays and are the ideal replacement or addition for existing vehicle equipment. Some of the 12V relay and 24V relay options are designed with a resistor that assists in reducing voltage spikes which can damage sensitive electronic equipment. Other electric and automotive relay options contain a diode. This diode also helps to eliminate harmful voltage spikes in your equipment. Along with our standard, resistor, and diode 12V relay and 24V relay options, there are time delay relays that are ideal for event sequencing, instrumentation control, and alarm circuit applications. Time delay electric relay styles include delay on release and delay on operate. Electric relay switches are designed and engineered to deliver superior performance throughout a long lifetime use. Del City's electric 12V relay and 24V relay selections have a mechanical life (no load) of 1,000,000 cycles.

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