Del City carries a large selection of 24 volt and 12V relay options. As a part of power distribution, electrical relays are an option that aid interconnection and circuit routing for your application. Including various types of relays including anything from standard 5 pin to hi-amp, finding the right 24V or 12V relay is easy at Del City. A 5 pin 24 volt or 12 volt relay is ideal for full voltage applications for a reliable and durable connection. The flux tight 12 volt relay combats dust and moisture. A selection of 24V and 12V relay with a built in resistor offers internal resistance. This protects your application from high voltage spikes and keeps your connection secure. Two 12 volt relay with diode options are also available. Like the relays with a resistor, these diodes protect against a voltage spike for more sensitive equipment applications. A solid state 12 volt relay is resistant to vibration as well as mechanical shock. This relay is ideal for high demand applications. Del City also carries 12 volt relay options that are weatherproof. These 12 volt relay options vary in mini-relay styles that are designed for full voltage applications that also require extra protection. Time delay 24V or 12V relays are adjustable. These relay options are able to maintain power supply for a set period of time. This type of 24V or 12V relay caters to your unique needs and specified period of time. Lastly, a hi-amp automotive 12V relay is offered. This 12 volt relay can be used in up to 200 amp resistive loads. For your relay needs, Del City has you covered!

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