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L6 Liquid Wrap - 3/8"-1/2"

This water repellent sleeving is made from braided polyester, and it is laminated with a layer of Mylar®. The result is a strong and lightweight solution that protects from repeated exposure to elements. The wraparound makes installation easy for existing assemblies, and the adhesive strip ensures the seal is water tight when used properly.

  • Will not support growth of bacteria.
  • Disinfects easily.
  • Adhesive strip resists most cleaners.
  • Melt Point: 482°F (250°C).
  • Operating Temperature: -94°F to 257°F (-70°C to 125°C)
3/8"-1/2" 3/4"-1 1/4"
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60238 L6 Liquid Wrap, (L6N0.38BK) 8-ft Wraparound Sleeving, 3/8" (15 MIN)
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60250 L6 Liquid Wrap, (L6N0.50BK) 8-ft Wraparound Sleeving, 1/2" (12 MIN)
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