Wire Loom & Loom Clamps

Wire loom provides great protection for your wire and cable runs within your automotive and electrical applications. Loom sleeving is designed to protect from vibration, moisture, and other natural elements that may enter your application. Commonly used in vehicles, automotive wire loom shields exposed runs from wear and destruction. With 50+ loom types offered, Del City makes it easy to keep your automotive, marine, harsh environment, and other applications protected and running. Wiring loom not only provides trusted protection, but also organizes the electrical work with a clean and professional look.

Each loom type provides a variety of characteristics for specific benefits to your application. Characteristics include material, temperature rating, and color. Split loom is a commonly used loom selection and is available in standard black or red, high temp, UV resistant, slotted, and flame retardant. The split loom contains a slit for easy insertion of wire runs and remains closed for complete protection. Expandable sleeving is designed to provide a secure and tight fit with a simple install. Del City offers 14+ styles of expandable sleeving from tight weave and heavy-duty, to chrome and noise reduction. A large selection of high temperature wiring protection is available for protection in high heat environments. Many of the offerings feature fiberglass materials for ultimate protection. Woven automotive wire loom is designed with a flexible mesh to withstand high vibration environments. The woven wiring loom is offered in a variety of different styles ranging from standard to thick wall, and reusable to flame retardant. Heat shrink, asphalt coated, metal sleeving, and insulation conduit is also offered for a variety of applications. Del City strives to offer a wide selection of electrical and automotive wire loom to meet the demands of any application or project. Loom clamps and clips are also available for organizing and protecting your electrical wire runs. Zinc, aluminum, and steel clamps along with plastic clips and connectors keep your loom runs secure. The plastic clips are ideal for use in securing power supply, especially in wire harnesses. Finally, a wiring loom insertion tool makes inserting wire and cable runs into your conduit a breeze. Protect, secure, and organize your applications with electrical and automotive wire loom and accessories from Del City!

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