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Mini Fuses, Fuse Taps, & Tools

ATM Mini Fuses are most commonly used in automotive or marine applications. Mini fuses and mini fuse taps are the ideal choice for electrical applications with a large number of components that need circuit protection but also have limited space. The mini fuse selection from Del City features a variety of amperages and styles that meet the circuit protection needs of various applications. The standard mini fuse line is available in 2-30 amps and each amperage is created based on standard electrical color coordination. These standard mini fuses also meet OEM and SAE standards. The standard mini fuse line can also be found with indicator options. The indicator mini fuses feature a clear top with an indicator light that will glow when the mini fuse is blown for easy recognition and maintenance. Finally, low profile ATM mini fuses are available and are an even smaller version of the standard mini fuse. These mini fuses have a lower overall height to provide even more space savings. The low profile mini fuses are available in 5-30 amperage offerings. Mini fuse taps are also provided to easily connect power leads to your selected mini fuse. Keep your applications circuits protected and save necessary space with standard, indicator, or low profile mini fuses and fuse taps!

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