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ProMariner Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Power inverters are used to change DC power from a battery into AC power that can be used to operate many different devices from power tools to microwaves and are useful if no outlet is available. The ProMariner TruePower Plus Pure Sine Wave Inverters are designed to convert 12V DC battery power to 115V AC and will automatically pass through AC Inlet power when present. The TruePower Plus is rich with features including: innovative dual color digital LCD message center, dual color gauges for AC power output and battery DC input, USB power port, GFCI convenience outlets, DC cable covers, and separate on/off remote.

Perfect for the on-board, or on-the-road active user who needs to convert 12 Volt battery power to 110VAC, the ProMariner ProSport Cupholder Inverter provides instant AC power for laptops, mobile phone chargers, game consoles, portable TVs & DVD players, radios, lighting, small power tools and more. Check out Del City’s offerings in power inverters for use in your boat, automobile or RV now.

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