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Vinyl-Insulated Flanged Spade Terminals

Vinyl-insulated, flanged spade terminals are connectors that are used to connect a single wire, while allowing for a connection to a screw or stud type electrical connection. The vinyl material acts as an economic insulation type, while the flanged shape of the spade terminal fastens onto the stud nut. This prevents the terminal from pull-out and creates a more secure connection. Because of this, insulated flanged spade terminals are commonly used in high vibration electrical applications.

  • This series is the most economical insulated terminal available.
  • The PVC insulation sleeve is securely fastened to the butted seam barrel.
  • The insulation has a flared entry for easier wire insertion.
  • Industry standard color-coding indicates wire range.
  • Rated 600 volts maximum, building wire; 1000 volts maximum, signs and fixtures.
  • Temperature rating: 105° C (221° F).
22-18 GAUGE 16-14 GAUGE 12-10 GAUGE
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402065DL Flanged Spade Terminal, 6 Stud, 16-14 Ga (100 MIN)
0.09910 I 0.07710 I 0.06150
100 EA
402085 Flanged Spade Terminal, 8 Stud, 16-14 Ga (100 MIN)
0.09910 I 0.07710 I 0.06150
100 EA
402105 Flanged Spade Terminal, 10 Stud, 16-14 Ga (100 MIN)
0.10190 I 0.07930 I 0.06150
100 EA