Anderson SB® Connectors & Accessories

Shop our selection of professional grade Anderson Connector battery cable connector housings, contacts, and accessories for a secure and reliable battery connection. The SB® and Powerpole® Series from Anderson Connectors provide a high power connection. The single piece housings are constructed of impact resistant polycarbonate for extra strength and superior dielectric properties. Outer housings for 15-45 amp Powerpole® connectors are manufactured of high impact and corrosion-resistant black nylon for easy connection and disconnection of electrical equipment in commercial and industrial applications. The silver-plated solid copper contacts complete the connection and offer low resistance with superior conductivity. The contacts also feature a self-cleaning design that resists arcing by keeping conductive surfaces clear of corrosion. Integral stainless steel springs maintain constant pressure on the contact for a consistent, low-resistant connection.

A selection of Anderson Connector SB® and Powerpole® Series accessories are also available from Del City. Polycarbonate handle kits provide additional leverage to your SB® connection for easier mating and unmating of housings. Anderson SB® Connector metal cable clamps create a secure hold to keep cables in place and prevent accidental strain or pull. Anderson SB® caps provide protection from dirt, moisture, strain relief, and accidental arcing. Powerpole® Connector outer housings and hardware kits are available for 15-45 amps. These kits include cable clamps and integral latches to prevent accidental disconnection of your equipment. For big and small projects alike, shop for the Anderson Connectors and accessories you need – all right here at Del City.

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