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Blue Sea Systems Dual Common BusBars - 100A

Blue Sea Systems dual busbars combine two buses on one block. Combine negative and positive buses for DC systems and neutral and ground buses for AC systems. Closed back design completely insulates power from the mounting surface. One-piece serrated flange nut ensures correct and secure connections. Tin plated copper buses provide maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance. Terminal screws incorporate stainless steel split ring lock washers and captive star-type lock washers keep connections tight in high vibration environments.

  • Continuous Rating: 100A AC/DC.
  • Voltage Max. Operating: 300V AC/48V DC.
  • Bus Material: Tin-Plated Copper C11000.
  • Base Material: ABS.
  • Terminal Screws: #8-32.
  • CE Certified.
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80522 100A Dual Common BusBar, 5 Per Bus (BSS 2701) (1 MIN) 23.78 1 EA
80523 100A Dual Common BusBar, 10 Per Bus (BSS 2702) (1 MIN) 29.19 1 EA
80524 Dual Common BusBar Cover for 80522 (BSS 2709) (1 MIN) 13.81 1 EA
80525 Dual Common BusBar Cover for 80523 (BSS 2710) (1 MIN) 16.12 1 EA
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