Blue Sea Systems Relays

Blue Sea Systems creates a variety of automatic charging relay options for auxiliary batteries. Automatic Charging Relays (ACR) automatically combines two battery banks during charging and isolates batteries when discharging and optionally when starting the engine. In a boat or vehicle with two battery banks, it is useful to be able to charge both banks while underway. Charge management devices allow two battery banks to be charged from a single source, such as an alternator, but keep batteries isolated when not charging. If one battery becomes depleted, there will be a charged bank available for emergency starting. The BatteryLink relay automatically shares single source of charge with the battery. While the m-ARC relay combines batteries during charging and isolates batteries when discharging. The SI-ARC relay works just like the m-ARC but supports high output alternators. Finally, the ML-Series feature a magnetic latch that draws very low current when on and can be configured for temporary isolation. All of the relays manufactured by Blue Sea Systems and offered by Del City meet ISO, SAE, and IP standards.

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