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Heat Shrink Clear-View Butt Connectors

Clear-view heat shrink butt connectors are terminals that are used to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire. Clear view butt splices stay clear even after heating. This allows clear visibility and inspection of the wire connection inside. Clear-view heat shrink butt connectors are commonly used in applications that utilize wire to transfer electrical current.

  • Feature an inspection window, strategically formed into the center of the connector, to allow you visual identification of complete wire insertion.
  • Specially manufactured connector and crystal clear adhesive lined heat shrink which allows you to visually inspect your termination process from insertion to crimp.
  • Each connector is also identified with color-coded markings that not only identify the industry standard size, but also provide a guide for you to crimp.
  • Crystal clear, adhesive lined heat shrink provides optimal clarity for visual inspection and a waterproof connection.
  • Click here to download a video on proper shrink tube butt connector installation.
  • Click here for the NSPA Heat Shrink & Crimp Data Sheet
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942005 NSPA OS55-14, Clear-View Heat Shrink & Crimp Butt Connector, Blue Stripe, 16-14 Ga (10 MIN) drawing
0.71200 7.12 I 0.58800 5.88 I 0.47200 4.72
10 EA
941005 NSPA OS55-16, Clear-View Heat Shrink & Crimp Butt Connector, Red Stripe, 22-18 Ga (10 MIN) drawing
0.66700 6.67 I 0.55800 5.58 I 0.44800 4.48
10 EA
943005 NSPA OS55-10, Clear-View Heat Shrink & Crimp Butt Connector, Yellow Stripe, 12-10 Ga (10 MIN) drawing
1.07600 10.76 I 0.90500 9.05 I 0.72500 7.25
10 EA
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