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Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

Heat shrink butt connectors are equipped with a heat shrink insulation material completely surrounding the terminal. Commonly used to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire, these heat shrink connectors are very versatile. When heat is applied, the heat shrink insulation tightly seals around the terminal and wire. The heat shrink connectors make for a durable and secure connection after this process. In addition to creating a great connection, the melted sealant acts as an extra layer of protection against moisture and vibrations. This significantly increases the life of the connection as well as preventing corrosion and wire pull-out. At Del City, there are five different types of heat shrink butt connectors to choose from. All heat shrink connectors have the same insulation, yet vary in color, gauge size, and installation type. Gauge sizes run from 24 gauge to 8 gauge with the heat shrink connectors color following the industry standard wire range. All of these lines of heat shrink butt connectors will match today’s demands and quality requirements for your electrical application. Butt connectors are commonly popular in vehicles, such as automotive, recreational, and industrial. Heat shrink connectors are also ideal for off-road and marine applications due to the protective qualities of the insulation, even against water. Because the heath shrink butt connectors have universal qualities, they are able to be utilized in general electrical applications or projects that utilize wire to transfer an electrical current. By using the heat shrink butt connectors from Del City, you can ensure a secure and reliable connection, with extra protection!

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