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Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

Heat shrink butt connectors are terminals with a heat shrink insulation material that completely surrounds the terminal. These terminals are commonly used to mate, connect, or terminal a single wire. When heat is applied to the terminal the heat shrink insulation seals around the terminal and wire to create a durable and secure connection. With the sealant melted, not only does it completely seal the connection, but it also acts as an extra layer of protection against moisture and vibrations. This extra layer of protection prevents corrosion and accidental wire pull-out, which significantly increases the longevity and dependability of the connection. In the vast line of heat shrink butt connectors available from Del City, there are five different types of butt connectors to choose from. All connectors have the same insulation type, but carry different additional characteristics and benefits. Those different characteristics include color, gauge size, and installation type. Gauge sizes run from 24 gauge to 8 gauge and the connector colors are coordinated to the industry standard wire range. Although there are different characteristics with each type of heat shrink butt connector, all will match today’s demands and quality requirements for electrical applications. Butt connectors are most popular for use in vehicles, such as automotive, recreational, and industrial. They are ideal for off-road and marine due to the water resistant and protective qualities of the heat shrink insulation. The universal qualities found in heat shrink butt connectors also make them the common choice for use in other general electrical applications and projects that utilize wire to transfer an electrical current. Create a solid, reliable, and quality connection with a heat shrink butt connector from Del City.

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