Fuse Blocks - Marine & Automotive Fuse Block Products

Del City offers a wide range of marine and automotive fuse block products and accessories. A fuse block can be a part of a power distribution system to provide an easy, space saving solution for additional circuit protection. These fuse blocks create a centralized point for all fuses and protects circuits within an application, which makes servicing your application easier. Del City offers several types and styles of fuse blocks; the automotive fuse block group is the most common. An automotive fuse block is best used in vehicles such as motorcycles, fleets, off-road, RV, and agricultural applications. In addition to the automotive fuse block options, there are marine fuse blocks by Blue Sea Systems available. Blue Sea Systems fuse blocks can also be used for automotive applications. Blue Sea System fuse blocks are designed with the most durable, corrosion resistant materials ideal for compartments that may have water splash or dust.

In order to accommodate such a wide variety of applications and environments, each fuse block provides a variety of characteristics and benefits. For example, fuse compatibility differs with each offering, including MINI® ATM, MAXI®, ATO/ATC®, ANL, MIDI®, and AGC or MDL glass fuses. The fuse circuit configurations in these fuse blocks also vary, including 1-way, 4-way, 6-way, 8-way, and 10-way. When choosing a fuse circuit configuration, consider how many circuits your application demands, but also be sure to consider if you will need to add additional circuits in the future. The more circuits you need will dictate the configuration and number of "ways" needed on your fuse block. The selection of mounting options from Del City varies between panel mount, surface mount, terminal mount, screw mount, raised, and stackable mounts. Choosing the best mount for your fuse blocks depends on the location in which the block will be installed. For tight spaces, consider using a compact fuse block versus a standard option. These unique differences in both fuse blocks and their associating mounts ensures that the demands of various electrical and vehicle applications are met. Del City is a great direct source for all of your fuse block needs and you can even find the Mini, MAXI, ATC/ATO®, ANL, MIDI® and AGC or MDL fuses and other related accessories you need to complete your application right here

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