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ISO Micro Relays

ISO Micro relays are designed for use in the automotive industry and adheres to a standard pattern for its electrical terminals that has been spelled out by the International Standards Organization. ISO-280 Micro relays use a smaller pin terminal that is 2.8mm wide and can be used in compact power distribution units and holders. A Normally Closed/Normally Open (NC/NO) relay is the most common type of relay. These have 5 pins and a body with two contacts connected to a common terminal. Normally-Open relays (NO) means that it will not conduct electricity until the coil is energized or turned “on.” Basically, the circuit is disconnected when the relay is inactive. Different from a Change-Over relay, a NO relay controls one single accessory instead of switching between two. Picker offers several different ISO Micro relays with flux tight, that combats dust and moisture and relays with a built-in resistors, that offer internal resistance, which protects your application from high voltage spikes and keeps your connection secure. For all your Picker ISO Micro relay needs, Del City has you covered!

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