Ring Terminals

Ring terminals are designed to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire connection. The ring structure of the connector end allows the terminal to be securely connected to a screw or stud. Over 250 ring terminal options are offered at Del City. Each terminal features a unique set of characteristics including amperage rating, insulation type, and gauge size. Shop our extensive selection of heat shrink, nylon-insulated, vinyl-insulated, non-insulated, and high temp ring terminals below.

The heat shrink ring terminal style will completely seal the wire connection while providing a secure and durable connection. Heat shrink ring connectors are available in Crimp & Heat Shrink, Solder & Heat Shrink, Crimp/Solder/Heat Shrink, and a variety of Lead-Free options. The nylon-insulation gives the terminals a more flexible and pliable connection that is resistant to heat. Nylon-insulated ring connectors are available in a standard clear style or with a brass sleeve. Vinyl-insulated terminals are manufactured with a PVC sleeve for an economical insulation option in funnel entry and butted seam styles. Finally, the non-insulated ring terminal options are the most economical solution available and are available in standard, long neck, and high temp varieties. Keep your install or application connected by creating a secure and reliable wire to screw/stud connection with one of Del City’s high quality ring terminals.

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