Spade Terminals

Spade terminals are designed to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire to a screw or stud-type electrical connection. The shape of the spade connector resembles a fork, making it easy to connect or disconnect the spade terminal to the electrical connection. This design makes the spade terminal, also known as fork terminal, an ideal choice for applications or installs with limited space for installation or replacement. Del City’s selection of spade terminals below features a variety of characteristics including amperage rating, insulation type, and gauge size. These characteristics gives the spade terminal line a selection of performance benefits depending on the needs of your unique install, application, or project.

Del City’s spade connector selection includes heat shrink, nylon, and vinyl insulation types, along with a variety of non-insulation spade connectors. Heat shrink spade terminals are a durable and secure connection solution. When heated, the insulation fully encloses the connection for a waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and pull strength protection. The vinyl-insulated spade connector line is an economical option that provides a surrounding connection protection solution. Nylon-insulated spade connectors are a flexible, heat-resistant solution. Non-insulated spade terminal options are ideal for standard applications that do not require any special connection performance. High-temperature terminals are designed for extreme environment applications in which other terminals may fail or melt. The spade terminals below are available in 22-18, 16-14, and 12-10 gauge sizes and each insulated spade connector is color-coded to industry standards.

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