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Braided Sleeving

Standard braided sleeving is a semi-rigid style sleeve that ensures an easy, cost effective installation. It features a lateral split that will let the sleeve open up, but the semi-rigid braid will still close completely around without the addition of any fasteners. The product has a 25% edge overlap, and this allows even more coverage around plugs, connectors, and splices. The wrap is also more flexible than split and spiral wrap, which allows it to bend around a tight radius without splitting open. Finally, the sleeving is not only for easy installation, but also easy maintenance. Its ability to open allows for the quick addition or removal of wires without the need for any disassembly. We offer this sleeving in either a standard box size, or a bulk quantity. The amount available in each box varies across the different sizes we offer. Sizes available range from 1/8" up to 2".