Auto, Marine & Industrial Terminal Block Products

An electrical terminal block, also known as a terminal strip, is essential when setting up a wiring or electrical system. Terminal blocks provide a common area to join positive or negative, AC or DC connections. Designed for durability, each terminal block below is manufactured from a black, thermoplastic material that features either brass studs or copper screw connections. Each terminal block selection below is available in lengths of 2 to 14 gangs and each circuit is independent or non-bussed. The terminal blocks are rated at 30 Amps and 300-600 Volts. We also offer a selection of Blue Sea Systems fully insulated independent terminal blocks and jumpers. The Blue Sea Systems terminal block selection is manufactured with a nickel-plated brass and special feature brass studs. The brass studs on each terminal block feature a “dog point” to help guide a terminal and nut onto the stud. Each of the terminal blocks also has barriers between the connection points for additional protection. Del City also offers Molex Terminal Strips that ensure reliability, through providing wire protectors to eliminate twisting and breakage of stranded wire during connections. The screws and contact areas are recessed in the housing for safety, to prevent short circuiting. Pre-drilled mounting holes allow for quick and easy installation in the field. Browse Del City's comprehensive selection of terminal blocks to find the high quality and durable terminal block you need for your application.

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