Split Wire Loom

Split wire loom is one of the most commonly used loom types on the market. Del City ensures you have just the right split loom type and size required for your application or install with a variety of split loom types available. Split loom tubing is generally used for organizing, protecting, and holding wire and cable runs in place. Easily install the tubing with a slit down the length of the tubing that then encloses around the entire run for complete protection. Shop our selection of standard, red, high temperature, UV resistant, slotted, and flame retardant split wire loom tubing.

Standard split wire loom, also known as corrugated loom, protects wire and cables against abrasion and crushing of the runs within. Keep your wire runs protected with either black or red split tubing. The high temperature loom option is designed for high temp environments and can withstand temperature ranges up to 300°F. The flame retardant version has a high heat range up to 275°F along with flame retardant properties for extra environment protection. UV-resistant, high-temp split loom tubing contains a UV stabilizer that has been tested for up to 3,000 hours of protection in the desert sun. Slotted split tubing features slits that allows for drainage of your wire runs making it ideal for environments that experience fluid exposure. Finally, 1/4” and 1” sizes of standard split tubing is available in dispenser boxes for easy use. Our split loom tubing selections are available in a variety of spool sizes from 100 to 28,000 feet. This way, you can get as little or as much split tubing needed to get the job done. The ease of use, durability, and dependability of the split conduit continues to make it one of the most popular and effective wire loom options available. Keep your wire and cable runs organized, protected, and secure with easy to use and effective split wire loom.

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