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Motor-Rated Toggle Switches - SPST

Motor-Rated Toggle Switch - SPST

Motor-Rated Toggle Switch - SPST Motor-Rated Toggle Switch_Side Motor-Rated Toggle Switch_back

This motor-rated switch is a heavy-duty toggle specifically designed for use with motors control applications, such as air conditioning, refrigeration and generators. Motor-rated toggle switches feature flat or screw terminals and are available in three different actuations: SPST, DPST, or DPDT. With a variety of options and strong construction, these motor rated switch options are a great choice for a myriad of electrical applications requiring motor control.

  • Rated at 20A 277V AC
  • Brass termination
  • Frame and support constructed with steel with zinc chromate
  • Case constructed with black phenolic plastic (UL 94 flame class 94V-1)
  • Other external parts constructed brass/bright nickel
Item Description Price
1+ I 100+ I 500+
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7200001 SPST On-Off Toggle Switch - screw terminals (1 MIN) drawing
4.90 I 3.20 I 2.47
1 EA
7200002 SPST On-Off Toggle Switch - .250 flat terminals (1 MIN) drawing
4.70 I 3.03 I 2.35
1 EA
7200003 SPST On/Off Toggle Switch - .250 flat terminals (1 MIN) Sale Price: 0.55
4.50 I 2.99 I 2.40
1 EA