Switch Panel Products

Toggle switch panel and rocker switch panel products are available in different configurations for various electrical applications such as marine and automotive. Some of the panel offerings are set up with a 3-way configuration all the way up to a 6-way switch panel configuration. With the exception of the toggle safety panel, each product listed below is manufactured to be spray-proof and deflect water, which is why they are ideally used as a marine toggle switch panel, or other application panels exposed to harsh environments. While these panels are built to withstand harsh environments, each one has a sleek aesthetic look without sacrificing its functionality and durability. Ease and comfortable actuation is enhanced by the way switches are molded. All panels can be mounted vertically or horizontally, giving a variety of options when working on a custom install. Commonly, these panels are used for marine, industrial, or lighting purposes, but are also versatile enough to work for many other electrical applications, such as an automotive switch panel. Additionally, various options below also include accessories like toggle boots, ATC/ATO fuse and fuse holder compatibility, low-profile design, mounted illuminated switches, recessed switch arrangement, and more. The accessories included with each panel depend on the panel chosen. Compatible switches are available for each panel.

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