Indicator Lights & Switch Accessories

Indicator lights are highly useful for automotive, marine, and industrial panels. When powered, the lights illuminate to indicate that they are active and in-use. Del City offers LED indicator lights in non-flashing styles, along with incandescent non-flashing indicators. LED indicators are available in red, green, or amber options in both styles, while the non-flashing LED indicator lights are also available in blue. Incandescent indicator lights are offered in a non-flashing style in red, green, amber, or blue. LED indicator lights are created with a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours with a .250” tab termination, 20 awg lead wire termination, or pigtail style with 24 gauge lead wire termination. The pigtail style is the ideal solution for applications with a tight install space. The incandescent indicators feature a snap-in design with an 18 gauge lead wire termination for an easy and quick installation process. Shop Del City’s incandescent and LED indicator lights for just the right style, color, and set-up for your unique application.

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