Indicator Lights & Switch Accessories

Indicator lights illuminate accessories when powered, and are particularly useful for automotive and marine panels. Del City offers both LED indicator and incandescent indicator light options in order to suit all applications. LED indicator lights which are non-flashing are available in red, amber, green, or blue and feature two termination options: .250” or 20 awg wire leads. LED Indicator pigtail styles are only available with lead wires. Select LED pigtail indicator lights in red, amber, green and blue in a non-flashing style. Red, amber, and green are available in flashing styles. Incandescent pigtail indicator lights draw more current than LED indicator light styles and are not as bright. Incandescent lights are offered in a non-flashing red, green, amber or blue. Also as an added benefit for ease of installation, the incandescent options feature 18 gauge wire leads. Offering toggle switch boots, handle extensions, and toggle switch guards, Del City is sure to have the finishing product. Find an indicator light and indicator light accessories for any job at Del City!

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