Push Button Switches

Del City offers an extensive line of push-button switch options to fulfill the needs of your application. The push-button switches offered below range in size, termination style, and actuation in order to accommodate different application demands. The heavy-duty push button switch is ideal for high-amp applications or those that are in harsh environments. Some of the push-button switch styles available include start & horn and foghorn & siren push button switches. The start and horn push buttons feature the characteristics required for your engine starter or vehicle horn with a professional and custom look. While the foghorn and siren push button switch is specifically designed for foghorns and sirens and is designed for easy installation. Momentary push button switches carry an Off-(On) or (Off)-On actuation for automotive, marine, and appliance type applications. Del City also offers push button switch options with pre-wired leads for quick and easy installation. GM and Ford specific door push button switch selections are available for your replacement or restoration needs. The door push button switch available is also ideal for replacement or restoration needs on worn or damaged door light switches. Finally, a push-button switch boot is available to cover your switch and protect against harmful debris. With Del City's wide selection of push button switches, you can easily find just the right switch you need for your project.

Use our Switch Selector to help find just the right push button switch for your application.

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