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Electrical Switches

Del City has a wide variety of electrical switches for many different applications. Most are 12V switches, making them suitable as marine, industrial, and automotive switches. All electric switches are available in a variety of characteristics. Characteristics of an electric switch include actuator type, actuator handle shape, body construction, body size, terminal type, voltage rating, grades, sealing properties, and illumination. Actuator types include standard options like toggle, rocker, and push button. Specialty actuator types include solenoids, battery, ignition, push-pull, canopy, and rotary. Seven (7) different actuation options are also available to choose from when choosing an electrical switch at Del City. Actuation options for these electrical switches include SPST, SPDT, DPST, and DPDT. However, some electrical switches offered also have specialty actuations like 3PDT, 4PST and 4PDT. Most of the standard actuations have a momentary switch option. The difference in actuator handle shape is mostly seen with our toggle selection. Some have a standard actuator handle, while others have a bat handle, duckbill handle, paddle handle, and wedge handle. Body construction and body size depend on the electrical switch line, but typically vary to accommodate the size of an application, or the mounting hole shape of an application. Some electric switch styles require a round mounting hole, while others may require square or rectangular mounting holes. It is important to remember the shape of the mounting hole when choosing an electrical switch, and knowing whether or not the mounting hole shape can be adjusted to accommodate the switch chosen. Therefore, the offering of electrical switches below ranges from miniature to full-size with various mounting hole options. Terminal types vary between some of the electrical switch choices. Some electrical switches have flat terminals, while other have screw or solder terminals. When considering voltage, most electrical switches offered at Del City are 12V switches but some are also rated higher, such as some of the solenoids. Grades such as light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty are available for some electrical switches, such as the toggles. If sealing the switch and circuit from the elements such as water or dust is a concern, selecting an electric switch with an O-ring or epoxy sealant is recommended. To add a professional look, consider choosing an electric switch with illumination. Illumination may be just a small dot on the actuator, or even the entire actuator itself could also be illuminated, depending on what is desired. Illumination colors vary from white, red, amber, blue, or green. The availability of all these electrical switches varies based on the switch needed for the application. The extensive line of Del City electrical switches below will ensure that the demands of various electrical and vehicle applications are met, whether it is a standard or custom install.