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Blue Sea Systems Battery Switches

Blue Sea Systems produces a variety of battery switches that are now carried by Del City. These battery switches include the HD-Series, M-Series, e-Series, and the add-a-battery kit. The HD Series is the heavy-duty battery switch that is designed for large diesel type engines. The HD battery switch offers 600 amps for a single battery to a single load group with maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance. The M-Series can accept multiple cable terminals and offers 300 amps for outboards and smaller gasoline/diesel type engines. The e-Series of Blue Sea Systems battery switches offers 350 amps for inboard gasoline/diesel type engines. Each of the battery system series is offered in a single circuit option with varying additional options depending on the series including dual circuit, 3-position, and 4-position. Finally, the Blue Sea Systems add-a-battery kit contains a dual circuit plus battery switch along with an automatic charging relay to help simplify switching and automate charging. The add-a-battery kit automatically combines batteries during charging and isolates them when discharging to help prevent getting stranded. Power up your systems with one of these great battery switch options from Blue Sea Systems.

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