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Heavy-Duty Toggle Switches

Heavy-duty toggle switches are designed to switch to meet the standards of today's automotive, marine and industrial applications. The selection of heavy-duty toggle switches includes SPST, SPDT, DPST, and DPDT actuation options with a variety of terminations. Additionally, some of the heavy-duty toggles are offered with O-rings that feature a neoprene gasket at the base of the actuator to prevent dust and moisture interruption, making them ideal for harsh environments. Other switches have specialty circuits to accommodate more custom projects. Del City also has a variety of specifically designed motor-rated heavy-duty toggle options for when your application required motor control. The Del City toggle switches feature plastic casings that are designed to meet UL 94 flammability rating.

When selecting from the toggle switch below, you can choose OEM or completely assembled. The OEM style switches come with the hardware poly-bagged. Heavy-duty toggles are offered specifically for high-amp switching, subject to ratings. Ensure your system or install has a high quality and reliable toggle switch, with one of Del City's heavy-duty switches.

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