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Universal Push-Pull Headlight Switch - SPST

Push-pull Universal Headlight Switch

Push-pull Universal Headlight Switch Push-pull Headlight Switch - Side View Push-pull Headlight Switch - Back View

This push-pull universal headlight switch is a 2-position switch made of a heavy duty housing manufactured from heavy-duty brass material. The heavy-duty brass material adds durability and resilience to the switch. The material also gives it a more professional and polished OEM look. This push-pull switch is ideal for replacing a worn or damaged headlight switch in an existing vehicle. Vehicles can include automotive, marine and transportation. This switch is only available in the actuation of SPST and mounting installation is easy.

  • SPST ON-OFF Heavy-duty, 2 position push-pull switch.
  • Made of brass and chrome.
  • Mounting stem: 1-1/4" long, 3/8" diameter. Overall length: 3-1/8", width 7/8".
  • Rated: 15A at 12V, 25A at 6V.
  • Accomodates 1" panel with stainless steel springs.
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