Standard Braided Sleeving

Braided sleeving, also known as braided wire loom, is a self-wrap wire and cable sleeving that self-closes around a bundle of wires or cables. Braided wire sleeve contains a semi-rigid braided that is stretchy and springy, allowing wire to be inserted or pulled out repeatedly without affecting the integrity of the loom. The braided wire loom is flexible enough to bend at a tight radius without distorting, splitting open, or affecting the flexibility of the wires. Braided sleeving is available in both standard PET and flame retardant varieties. The standard PET braided wire sleeve is more flexible and durable than other standard loom options and is ideal for high vibration environments. The flame retardant braided wire loom contains an organic flame inhibitor for working in high-temperature environments. The standard sleeving is available in 1/8" to 1-1/2" in 25-150 foot spools. The flame retardant braided wire sleeve is available in 1/8" to 3" sizes in 50-100 foot spools. Find the braided wire loom for your electrical project or application with Del City's standard or flame retardant braided wire sleeve options.

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