Butt Connectors

With the ability to mate, connect, or terminate single or multiple wires; butt connector terminals serve a wide variety of purposes. Similar to parallel terminals, a butt connector couples two wires together or attach a single wire to two different wires. The connector terminals are installed by stripping both ends of the wire and then inserting the striped wire into the butt connector ends. Simply crimp and secure both ends of the butt splice to complete the installation. Del City offers a wide variety of butt connectors to suit your specific application needs.

Del City provides 100+ butt connector and butt splice types. Each style found below includes unique characteristics in amperage rating, color, installation type, and gauge size. Heat shrink terminals, a unique insulation, completely seals your connector when heated. This makes for a secure connection that prevents wire pull-out and corrosion. For a flexible yet durable terminal option, nylon-insulated connections make for a heat resistant connection. Vinyl-insulated butt connectors are an economical option that surrounds and seals the terminal. The Cool Seal butt connector design is a unique connection that can reduce install time while still providing a moisture-tight connection. No heating required for Cool Seal connectors! High temperature butt connectors are ideal for extreme environments where other types of connectors could melt. Non-insulated connectors are the best choice where standard connectors can be used without any specific requirements in the application. Del City is here to help complete your application with a high quality install with a butt connector.

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