Butt Connectors

Butt connector terminals are designed to mate, connect, or terminate single or multiple wires. Essentially designed to function like parallel terminals, butt connectors easily connect two wires together or connects a single wire to two different wires. The connectors are easily installed by stripping both ends of the wires and inserting the stripped wires into the butt connector ends. To complete the connection, simply crimp and secure both ends of the butt connector with a crimping tool. Del City offers a wide selection of butt connector styles to provide a variety of performance benefits depending on the requirements of your unique application.

With over 100 butt connectors and butt splice types available, easily find just the right fit for your application at Del City. Each of the styles below features connectors containing varying characteristics including amperage rating, insulation type, color, and gauge size. Heat shrink terminals feature an insulation that completely seals the connection when heated for a secure connection that prevents corrosion and wire pull-out. Nylon-insulated connectors are a flexible and durable terminal option for a heat-resistant terminal connection. Vinyl-insulated butt connectors are the most economical terminal option that completely surrounds and seals the terminal connection. The Cool Seal butt connector design is a unique connection that cuts that install time in half while providing a moisture-tight connection with no heating required. High temperature butt connectors provide protection in extreme environments that could melt other butt connector types. A selection of non-insulated connectors is ideal for situations where standard connectors can be used without the need of special performance or installation requirements. Each type of butt connector below is available in varying gauge sizes with associating industry-standard colors and ratings. Complete your install with a high-quality, secure connection with a butt connector from Del City.

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