Dill Blox Modular Power Distribution Systems

The Dill Blox system is a modular connector system consisting of a variety of Dill Blox modules. The "Dill Edge" is featured on all four sides of each individual Dill Blox module. With the "Dill Edge" unlimited combinations of Dill Blox modules can be easily assembled into a complete power distribution panel, without expensive tooling charges. The standard dimensions of a single Dill Blox module are 1.5"L x 1.5"W x 1.0"H. Dill Blox modules are molded with glass reinforced nylon for high temperature and dimensional stability. Their unique interlocking design gives them excellent rigidity. Each component / terminal connection point, where possible, has been reinforced with a secondary locking feature to assure terminal retention and circuit integrity. Dill Blox modules can be assembled without special tools. The panel is assembled from the rear. Place all modules face down on a flat surface. Organize modules into rows and insert the locking wedges as needed. Then push the rows together and insert the locking wedges between the rows to form panels. The locking wedge may be inserted by hand. To assure that the locking wedge is fully seated, place a block (1" x 2" x 3/16") on the rear of the wedge and tap the block with a light hammer. The locking wedge is fully seated when the rear of the wedge is flush with the rear surface of the Dill Blox module. When wiring the panel, it is recommended that the bus bars be inserted first followed by the remaining terminals. Be sure to use the proper secondary lock with each terminal. Secondary locks assure proper terminal placement and guard against terminal push backs.

Click here for a how-to video on assembling the Dill Blox systems.

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