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Surf N Turf Rocker Switches - DPST

Non-illuminated Surf N Turf rocker switches are available in four different actuations; SPST, SPDT, DPST and DPDT. Each non-illuminated Surf N Turf rocker switch is weatherproof and meets the standards for today's automotive, marine and industrial applications. Commonly, these rocker switches are used as boat rocker switches.

  • Recommended uses: marine panels, trucks, buses, trailer, construction, farm equipment and recreation equipment.
  • Moisture and dust resistant.
  • Oval actuator style.
  • Designed to meet or exceed IP66 and IP67 requirements.
  • Recommended mounting hole: .830" (+/- .015) x 1.450" (+/- .005).
  • Single pole: 10A/250V AC, 18A/125V AC, 21A/14V DC.
  • Double pole: 10A/250V AC, 18A/125V AC, 21A/14V DC.
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73427 DPST On-Off Black Surf 'N Turf Rocker Switch (1 MIN) drawing
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